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Timber Management

We are a Timberland Management Company that specializes in the needs of our clients. We help you achieve your objectives with your property. Whether it is to maximize your timber production, enhance the wildlife habitat, establish or regenerate a forest, or just enjoy the aesthetics, we can offer assistance. Our philosophy is to use our expertise to help you achieve your goals.

We offer a variety of services to a variety of landowners. Your land is valuable to you and we want to preserve and enhance that value. With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of Forest management we put our expertise to work for you.

We only work for landowners and don't deal in timber or buy timber. If we assist you in selling your timber, we do so through a competitive process that can insure maximum market value for your timber resources.

We pride ourselves on timely response and a straightforward approach to managing your property. We are not the largest company out there for sure, but we treat every client as we would like to be treated.

Who uses our timber management services?

Private Forest LandownersPrivate Forest Landowners

Individuals and companies that own forest land for their own enjoyment and profit. We help them achieve their land management goals, no matter what they might be.

Investment GroupsInvestment Groups

Those organizations looking at timberland as a solid investment with long term profitability. We offer assistance in planning, management and harvesting to maximize their investment.

Banks, Trusts and AccountantsBanks, Trusts and Accountants

We provide an accurate assessment of value for a variety of entities with a variety of objectives.


We provide an accurate estimation of damages or losses for a variety of claim situations and act as professional witnesses in court cases.

Why hire a consultant Forester?

A study in 1995 that was published by the University of Georgia School of Forestry found that landowners' returns increased by as much as 50% by working with professional Foresters. Just like you would seek the advice from a tax or law professional, you should also seek the advice of a Consultant Forester.

We are Registered Forester's in the state of Arkansas, which is governed by the Board of Registration and requires continuing education to maintain the registration status. It also administers the Registered Forester code of ethics and insures that professionalism is maintained among its members.

We only have the interest of our clients at heart. We have no other interests to divide our attention or influence our recommendations to our clients.

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